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Health Challenge

Are you ready to make a change? Healthy Utah's Health Challenges offer the perfect way to get started and keep you going with your health goals. So don't wait—take the challenge today! It only takes a few minutes to sign up and get started. Want more information on our challenges? Visit our Health Challenge FAQ.

2014 Schedule

February - Beat the Blues

Shorter days, cold nights, snow, inversion… are you feeling the "winter blues?" Many of us are affected by seasonal and weather changes and feel a little down this time of year. This challenge will help you learn how to prevent the winter blues, improve your mood, and feel better.

April – Spring Clean – Mind, Body & Home

Spring is a time of renewal. This challenge will provide tips to simplify, organize, and "healthify" your mind, body, and home!

August – Emergency Preparedness

Have you identified hazards that could happen in your town? During this challenge we learn actions that should be taken before, during and after natural or manmade disasters.

November/January – Maintain Don't Gain

This festive challenge will provide stress management techniques and tools to help you spread the joy of living a healthy lifestyle.

Health Challenge FAQ

What is a Health Challenge?

A health challenge is an email based, self paced program that focuses on one aspect of health and wellness. They are designed to challenge your current state of wellness in areas such as nutrition, physical activity, stress management, financial wellness, etc. by setting and achieving goals. They are typically one month long, starting on the first day of the month and ending on the last day of the month. However, there are challenges that run longer than one month.

Why should I participate in a health challenge?

There are many reasons to participate! Many past participants have used our health challenges to jumpstart their personal wellness goals of weight loss, increasing physical activity, and improving nutrition habits. The challenge helps to motivate participants and provides them with recipes and resources to achieve good health.

If that's not enough reason for you, there is a prize drawing! If you meet the goal for the challenge, and report your success in the final online survey, you are entered into a drawing for one of several prizes that we give away. Each prize is valued at about $10!

How do I register?

Simply log in to your myhealthyutah account, and look under "Health Challenges" along the left side of the page. Click on the link for more details, and then click "Enroll." You will receive an email confirming your registration in the challenge.

How do I participate?

At the beginning of the challenge, you will receive an email with the challenge tracker and instructions. Follow the instructions to meet your goal, and use your tracker to stay motivated through the month. At the end of the challenge, you will receive an email with a final survey, where you can report how you did. Those who report that they successfully completed the challenge will be entered in to the prize drawing.

Do I need to turn in my tracker?

No, the tracker is for your own benefit and does not need to be submitted to Healthy Utah.

How do I know if I won a prize?

Winners will be randomly selected and notified via email.

Where can I find out more information?

Contact Healthy Utah at (801) 366-7300 or by e-mail today.


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