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Healthy Utah/PEHP Rebate Program

Welcome to Healthy Utah and PEHP's new rebate program, the First Steps and the Good for You rebate. View our Rebate Program Flow Chart. All eligible members can complete the First Steps rebate by:

  • First, complete your biometrics (blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, waist circumference and blood glucose) through a Healthy Utah Testing Session. You can also visit your Primary Care Physician, however, you will need to print the First Steps and Good For You Rebate Form (PDF) and take it to your physician's office.
  • Then complete the on-line Health Questionnaire in your myHealthyUtah account.

By completing those two requirements, you can collect your $50 First Steps rebate! The biometrics you completed for the First Steps rebate will determine which rebate(s) you qualify for next. If your measurements fall within the predetermined guidelines for blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, waist circumference and blood glucose and you don't use tobacco, then you will earn the $50 Good for You rebate. Please refer to our list of Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

If you do not currently meet the criteria for the Good for You rebate, you may qualify for various Health Improvement rebates. Download and print the Improvement Rebate Form (PDF). By working with your primary care physician to make improvements, you can submit your results to Healthy Utah and receive rebates for making the health improvements in the following areas:

If you are unable to meet the medical standards to qualify for the rebate because it is medically unadvisable or unreasonably difficult due to a medical condition, upon written notification, PEHP shall provide you with a reasonable alternative standard to qualify for the rebate.

PEHP wellness rebates may be taxable. Please consult with your tax advisor for tax advice concerning your benefits.

PEHP WeeCare & Postpartum Weight Improvement Rebates

If you are pregnant, you are still encouraged to participate in the First Steps rebate by obtaining your biometrics and completing an on-line Health Questionnaire. If you do not qualify for the Good for You rebate you are eligible to participate in the Postpartum Weight Improvement Rebate for pregnant women. During your pregnancy, you will not be eligible to participate in any of the other Health Improvement rebates, except the Tobacco Cessation Program. [WeeCare rebate (PDF)]

To qualify for the WeeCare rebate, you must also participate in the PEHP sponsored PEHP WeeCare Program. To enroll, call PEHP WeeCare at (801) 366-7400 or visit

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BMI Improvement Rebate


If your BMI is 25-29, your goal is to decrease your BMI to < 25. If your BMI is 30+, your goal is to decrease your BMI by 5 BMI points. One BMI point equals approximately 5-6 pounds.

BMI explanation

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a person's weight and height. BMI is a reliable indicator of body fatness for people. BMI does not measure body fat directly, but research has shown that BMI correlates to direct measures of body fat, such as underwater weighing.

You can determine your BMI using this online BMI calculator.

Blood Pressure Improvement Rebate


Lower your Blood Pressure to <120/80* mm/Hg

*Primary Care Physician may verify adherence to medical plan for Blood Pressure slightly above these goals.

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Diabetes Management Rebate


  • Participate in PEHP Integrated Care OR Complete a one hour education session with a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE).
  • Maintain HgbA1c < 7.0 % or drop 1% if prior level > 8.0
  • Yearly Dilated Retinal Exam (Every two years if normal)
  • Yearly check for kidney function
    (serum creatinine, calculated GFR, & urine microalbumn/creatine ratio)
  • Maintain Blood Pressure < 130/80 mmHg
  • Maintain LDL < 100 mg/dL

Lipid Improvement Rebate


Lower LDL to Goal Level

*If Total cholesterol > 200 mg/dL and Total Cholesterol - HDL > 135 mg/dL), then repeat fasting level. If still abnormal, set your LDL Goal with a Healthy Utah staff member, or your Primary Care Physician.

To set your LDL Goal:

Step 1: Determine Your Health Risks

Count the number of risks that currently affect you:

  • Cigarette smoking
  • Hypertension (BP >140/90 mmHg or on antihypertensive med.)
  • Family history of premature CHD (1st degree relative: men <55 yrs.; women <65 yrs.)
  • Low HDL cholesterol (<40 mg/dL)
  • Age (men > 45 years; women > 55 years)
  • HDL cholesterol > 60 mg/dL, subtract 1 risk factor

Step 2: Determine Your 10-Year Risk

If you have 2 or more risks (from Step 1), go to NCEP website to calculate 10-year risk.

Step 3: Set Your LDL Goal

  • Low (0-1 risks) risk goal: LDL <160
  • Moderate (2+ risks and 10 yr. risk <10%) risk goal: LDL <130
  • Mod-High (2+ risks and 10 yr. risk 10-20%) risk goal: <100
    (OR Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease present)

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Tobacco Cessation Rebate


  • Complete 5 phone calls to the PEHP Quitline (1.855.366.7500).
  • Remain tobacco-free for 6 months.
  • Physician verification and lab results required, see rebate form for details.

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